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Each floor features a series of apartment models ranging in size from 263 sq. ft. to 1113 sq. ft.

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Making Senior Living More Comfortable

With time, living preferences change. It’s no longer just about the place you call home; it’s about everything that surrounds it and how it enhances your life—making it more accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful. Our apartment models are meticulously designed with your well-being in mind. They’re tailored to facilitate social connections, nurture your hobbies, provide privacy when needed, and so much more. Get virtual tours and see our apartments before you decide.

3D Tour of Apartments

Take a virtual tour of two of our most popular apartments (The Belmont and the Canterbury). RiverPointe has eight different floor plans and five unique Penthouse floor plans. A refundable, interest-bearing deposit can put you on the waitlist for your favorite model. Floor plans for each model can be found in the Profiles and Floor Plans section below. You can also contact us to learn about lease terms, cost, and availability.

Apartment Profiles & Floorplans

Each floor features a series of apartment models. From Alcove, Belmont, Tanforan, Hialeah, Centennial, Centennial Deluxe, Saratoga, Lexington-Canterbury, and Arlington, each apartment model has its own set of unique and appealing characteristics.

Our Penthouse is home to a variety of one and two-of-a-kind models. Click ” LEARN MORE” below to see all of RiverPointe’s apartment styles.

See All Floor Plans

Efficiency and 1-Bedroom Floorplan Gallery

floor plan of a one bedroom apartmentEfficiency_deluxe_floorplan 263 sq./ft.

1bedroom belmont floorplan

1-bedroom_Belmont_floorplan add: 263 sq./ft.

1bedroom tanforan floorplan

1-bedroom_tanforan_floorplan 631 sq./ft.

1bedroom hialeah floorplan

1-bedroom_hialeah_floorplan 706 sq./ft.

floor plan for a two bedroom apartment

1-bedroom_centenial_deluxe_floorplan 850 sq./ft.

2-Bedroom Floorplan Gallery

floor plan of the elmhurst

2-bedroom_saratoga_floorplan 944 sq./ft.

2bedroom canterbury floorplan

2-bedroom_canterbury_floorplan 944 sq./ft.

2bedroom lexington floorplan

2-bedroom_lexington_floorplan 944 sq./ft.

floor plan of the elmhurst

2-bedroom_arlington_floorplan 1113 sq./ft.

Penthouse Floorplan Gallery

2bedroom ascot floorplan

2-bedroom_ascot_floorplan 1113 sq./ft.

2bedroom paradise floorplan

2-bedroom_paradise_floorplan 980 sq./ft.

2bedroom churchill floorplan

2-bedroom_churchill_floorplan-2 950 sq./ft.

2bedroom pimlico floorplan

2-bedroom_pimlico_floorplan 1025 sq./ft.

2bedroom santa floorplan

2-bedroom_santa_anita_floorplan 950 sq./ft.

2bedroom arlington floorplan

2-bedroom_arlington_floorplan 1113 sq./ft.

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